What do we do?

What do we do?

Simply put, we fix business problems in days and weeks, not months and years. Our passion is not to embed a legion of consultants – our passion is to solve business problems. It could be your employee on-boarding and off-boarding processes, it could be that your CFO needs to have smoother, quicker CapEx work done, or it could be one of the many other issues that ALL companies face, and seemingly never solve.

vNext gets past corporate politics, we work with ANY enterprise systems you have in place, and we alleviate self inflicted process bottle necks. We are true, passionate, third party solution solvers. We use our mature methods, combined with a resilient technology platform, to start showing you the solution on day one or two.

When we solve your business problems, you get immediate visibility into the issue(s) like you have never seen before. We help accelerate your business to reach the strategic goals that are important to your board, your CxO suite, and the business in general.

We have been doing this for over a decade for Fortune 10 size companies to Fortune 2000 companies. We have many cases to demonstrate to you that we know and understand your pain and can deliver the results you need quickly and efficiently.


What is Business Process Optimization?

Process Optimization is one of those academic type phrases to many, so let’s put it in plain terms since that is how we perceive real problems are solved.

Your business is a whole amalgamation of processes. It is work. All work in a business is related. We believe that all business work should be an efficiently, loosely coupled, related set of work between people that facilitates corporate strategic goals.


  • We understand business, from start ups to large enterprises.
  • We understand you want to be as agile as possible without sacrificing policies or needed corporate structure.
  • We understand that breaking that work into the best possible “way to work” is important.
  • We understand that visibility needs to be shining to the top of the company.


Our passion is to deliver all of that in days and weeks, and we have been doing it successfully for a decade.


We are looking for your challenges, email founders@vNEXTSystems.com to begin a trusted dialogue.